Welcome to the Dark Future of Santa Fe, a sprawling metropolis of 3 million people, only half of which have any rights. And that doesn’t include you, chummer.

Gensanto-Alpha owns the city, peddling their genetically engineered people, animals and food. TransTechnicals actually owns the streets, along with the rails and airport, while the nuclear spectre of Militech’s Los Alamos Weapons Laboratory casts its grim shadow from up the hill. The Megacorps keep everything strictly controlled…

Everything that drives a profit, at least. Which our cash-based guns and drugs filled underground does not. The Lopez Boys, the Gothicks, the Black Hearts, the invading EuroMafia all have a stake in controlling the underground.

Watch your back, no one else will.

Santa Fe 2036 is an experiment in linked groups roleplaying: one world, one character per player, multiple GMs playing with dynamic groups on different nights. If you’re in the Santa Fe area and interested in taking part, send a mail.

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Santa Fe 2036

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